Deposit Accounts Loans

Effective as of: 02/10/2015
New Auto Loans
Up to 60 months3.90%
Up to 84 months4.90%
Used Auto Loans
Up to 72 months4.50%
Vehicles less than 3 yrs. Old and less than 25,000 miles
Up to 60 months4.50%
3 yrs and older and more than 25,000 miles
Take 1.00% off rate for Fuel Efficient vehicles -30 mpg highway
New Motorcycles
Up to 48 months4.90% APR*
Used Motorcycles
Up to 36 months6.50% APR*
New RV
up to 120 months5.90% APR*
Share Secured (Pledge Share)
up to 60 months4.00% APR*
Personal (unsecured) Up to $ 4,000.00
up to 42 months5.00% APR*
Collateral Loans
9.00% APR*
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*APR is annual percentage rate. Rates are subject to change without notice. Certain restrictions apply.